From: Lee, with Love.

Lee Clow er fráfarandi stjórnarformaður TBWA\Media Arts Lab og Director of Media Arts hjá TBWA\Worldwide. Lee Clow hefur sagt sögur í gegnum auglýsingar fyrir sum þekktustu vörumerki heims í 40 ár en líklega er hann þekktastur fyrir samstarf sitt við Steve Jobs, „1984“ og „Think Different“. TBWA\Media Arts Lab var stofnað 2006, raunar í kringum vinnu fyrir Apple. Þessi goðsögn í auglýsingaheiminum nýtti Valentínusardaginn til að kveðja auglýsingaheiminn og allt fólkið sem hann hefur unnið með.

Lestu bréfið hér að neðan sem Lee sendi til allra sem starfa undir TBWA í heiminum.

From: Lee, with Love.

Jay Chiat liked sending valentines to the agency.


I´ve never sent one.


But I thought it would be a great way to end the celebration of Chiat/Day´s 50 years and my journey with the company.


On Jay´s birthday in October, at a party celebrating 50 years of Chiat/Day, I told everyone that I was officially retiring.


The years I spent doing this thing called advertising have been fun, challenging, rewarding, maddening, sometimes painful, but mostly joyful.


And I wouldn´t trade a day of it for anything else.


Every day to come to “work” with the smartest, freest, most passionate people in business; all of us with the goal of creating messages to put out into the world that will be noticed, that people will talk about, even become famous.


They make people laugh, or cry, or think. Discover something new, see the world differently, maybe even buy something?


To be Media Artists.


And remembering the people. The funny ones. The crazy ones. The smartest ones. The not-smartest ones.


The partners. The clients. The mentors. How we challenged each other. Inspired each other. Making each other better.


So this is a love letter to “advertising.”


This crazy business that gave me everything. Friendship, pride, accomplishment and love.


And to all the people I´ve known over the last 50 years, and to every one of you who will continue,


Happy Valentine´s Day.


Love, Lee

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