The Engine

As digital marketing is quickly becoming a larger slice of even the most basic marketing mix, it's also demanding greater levels of specialist knowledge. As creatures of the digital age, we're especially proud of our digital team and their ability to grow and adapt to this rapidly evolving landscape. In 2018 Pipar/TBWA merged with The Engine, which has long established itself as an industry leader in digital marketing with an impressive portfolio of international clients.

New frontiers call for adventurous pioneers, and our digital marketing specialists are fearless when it comes to braving the wilds of the digital landscape. We work closely with clients, oftentimes in a key capacity on their marketing teams helping them define a strategy and make critical decisions.

Digital Design

Website and app design is absolutely critical in today's digital environment. Over 96% of online users search for goods and services through Google, Bing or Yahoo. And all too many brands fail to cultivate an effective, user-friendly digital presence across all platforms and devices.

We have considerable experience when it comes to digital design, including websites and apps. Keeping clients relevant with trends in digital solutions is vital, but as an agency we always try to marry technology with impactful design to create the best user experience possible. Client input is always fundamental to optimize the final product, and we value a close, collaborative process. We are a certified Premiere Google Partner, so all of our digital design is built from the ground up with SEO in mind.

An attractive and responsive digital presence is your opportunity to showcase your products and services for potential customers, tell them your story and win their trust and business over the competition. In a world quickly moving to mobile-first, it's essential that your digital presence translate fully to the mobile environment.

If you're thinking about a website or app development for your company, let's talk about the possibilities.

Social Media

Social media marketing is one of our primary activities. We were early to turn our attention to social media, creating a dedicated team in 2011. And from that time we have amassed valuable knowhow and experience in marketing through these platforms.

Simply staying active on social media isn't going to get you far. It requires careful planning, coordination and strategic follow-through, and that's true for both organic and paid marketing. Most platforms like Facebook offer performance and analytic tools to measure the success of your efforts, so you can see what's working. In addition, one of the most powerful tools to rise to prevalence on the social platforms is influencer marketing, which is one of our team's specialties.

Making strides in the wild west of social media marketing requires knowhow but also creativity. And this is where our young, energetic team excels compared to the competition.

Search Engine Optimization

If Google can't see you, neither can your customers. We know how important SEO is and how difficult it can be to achieve (and maintain). It's a matter of content, yes, but there is method to the madness and technical aspects that must be considered as well.

SEO aims to move your website to a higher ranking in Google's organic search results. The higher you are in the results, the more visits your webpage receives, which is the basis for online sales.

Pipar\TBWA offers a full range of services on all aspects of SEO, from the groundwork of website design to more advanced strategies to move your site up in the results. We formulate comprehensive strategies based on search term research, content targeting and backend optimization.

SEO is not a formulaic, finite checklist, but rather an ongoing project that requires regular tweaking and fresh, creative approaches to leverage the algorithms under constant development by Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are many different factors that come into increasing visibility in search engine results, but with a systematic approach coupled with some imagination, it's possible to make SEO work for you.

Pipar\TBWA and The Engine are Google Premier Partners and Bing Partners, both of which certify a high level of training and experience when it comes to working with those platforms.

PPC - Pay-Per-Click

The PPC (pay-per-click) model, in which advertisers pay when their ad is clicked, is one of our areas of focus. Paid search engine ads on Google and Bing have proven very effective in reaching potential customers who have already begun considering a purchase and are searching with a specific product or service in mind.

Pipar\TBWA and The Engine are Google Premier Partners and Bing Partners, both of which certify a high level of training and experience when it comes to paid search engine campaigns on these platforms. Our team has launched hundreds of campaigns for clients to reach a broad range of markets, and we have developed an impressive track record when it comes to audience targeting that delivers results.

All campaigns are devised to deliver on a particular objective. The beauty of PPC campaigns is that live data comes in as soon as the campaign is launched, meaning we can tweak the parameters in real time to optimize results and respond to changes in the market immediately.

Clients also receive a monthly report to follow along with activities, results and key performance indicators.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating content that offers some perceived value for the client's target group, and distributing that content in a strategic way to build and audience. Content marketing is an excellent way to reach new customers, maintain a customer base and drive conversions. The content must be relevant and perceived as valuable in some way. This approach attracts audience, gives the client a voice and can be a powerful tool in establishing trust among customers.

Content marketing represents a spectrum of work including blog posts, newsletters, static pages, articles and social media posts. Much of the writing for content marketing also plays a large role in SEO as the site's content weighs heavily in search engine algorithms. Our team specializes in content in English, Iceland and French and possesses a range of specialty knowledge and impressive research resources to speak with an authentic, compelling voice to the right audience.


The portion of total revenue from online sales has doubled from 2010 to 2018 on the global scale, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. Buying online has moved into mainstream consumer behavior and an increasing number of companies are making their entire offering available online in addition to conventional sales.

We primarily build out with Shopify and WooCommerce for our clients, which offer wide-ranging customization tools and can be connected with payment networks that offer robust security and encryption options.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) works towards converting an increasing number of visitors to a website into customers. Successful conversion requires a mix of compelling information, the right level of user interaction, reviews, emotional appeals, social cues and remarketing to compel a visitor to purchase. CRO examines how visitors arrive at a page, other pages visited, page heat maps (where users click and how long it takes them to click), whether action patterns emerge, willingness to provide personal information, e.g., through forms. And if their visit doesn't end with a purchase, why not? Our CRO process systematically reviews the client's site to identify the largest unrealized opportunities followed by rounds of testing to optimize the number of site visits that end with conversion.

Google Display Network

In addition to paid search engine ads, Google also offers targeted ad placement in the Google Display Network, which comprises over 2 million sites capable of reaching over 90% of the world's Internet users. GDN ads is a cost-effective way to reach a range of target groups—from a niche market to worldwide. GDN ads also provide a good opportunity to remarket to potential customers who have demonstrated an interest.

Online Marketing Audits

We use a robust set of performance analytics to gauge the performance of the client's digital presence and inform future decisions. Due to the nature of digital marketing, many of our activities are intrinsically shaped by performance feedback, like SEO, CRO snd PPC to name a few. Likewise, we can harness the information from older campaigns to shape many of our digital marketing efforts moving forward.

Email Lists & Newsletters

Growing and maintaining a large email list is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers. We devise subscription strategies, create and distribute digital newsletters and set up automated campaigns triggered by new subscriptions.