Pipar\TBWA is one of Iceland's largest ad agencies, offering comprehensive services across all segments of advertising and marketing.


We regularly hold seminars that offer companies key insights into our specialist knowledge, including approaches to digital marketing, how to leverage social media and much more. Our seminars are typically open for everyone and advertised ahead of time, although we also arrange private seminars for clients upon request.

Marketing Consultancy

We consult on a full range of marketing efforts for clients large and small. This may take the form of advising an unrealised company on choosing a name and initial strategy or providing valuable insight and new approaches for a well established brand.

Our consultants are carefully selected as they are also our account managers, meaning they see projects through every stage of development.

Strategy / Disruption®️

The basis for any successful marketing effort is strategy, and our experience and knowledge in this area is what really sets us apart. Our unique approach to strategy is what we call Disruption®, the core philosophy that has powered the worldwide TBWA group for over 30 years allowing companies large and small to break through the white noise of everyday life. Developing disruptive strategies is an invaluable investment that relies on client participation in which we analyse the current environment, define dominant conventions and stake out white space to make an impact and plot the way forward.

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Media Planning

Our media department, Pipar\MEDIA, is extremely well traveled in the landscape of Icelandic media and know exactly where and when to gain exposure and traction for every type of ad and campaign, especially when it comes to target demographics and optimising media buys. Their expertise is based on extensive experience and supported by a wealth of statistical data. The department carefully tracks the movements in Icelandic media market, media consumption, consumer behaviours and changing impact patterns. And in recent years, Pipar\MEDIA has developed into one of the top departments when it comes to digital media.

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All efforts in marketing and advertising rely on impactful design. And our large design team represents a wide spectrum of diverse talent and skills. Every project receives the same high level of care, attention to detail and creativity, from a single print ad to an entire campaign, product packaging, signage, trade show displays, motion graphics and industrial design.


At the heart of all successful marketing lies a good idea. And while you still need clear objectives and a defined strategy, the train isn't leaving the station without a good idea in the engine. Our team relies on seasoned professionals working alongside young, energetic talent to keep our creative fresh and impactful. But regardless of the job title, we are all creatives. A great idea can be sparked anywhere in the agency, and more often than not it's when we put our heads together that we end up with the best ideas.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but some ideas are best conveyed through language. The strength of our text team lies in their diverse talents with language—precision, brevity, wit and passion. As a multilingual team, our writers bring a broad perspective and a high level of expertise to all of our projects.


Our production team handles all aspects of commercials and other video content in-house—from producers and directors to editors and motion designers. The commercials and video content we create are as diverse as they are prolific, from 15-second social media videos to feature-length branded entertainment. Depending on the nature of the project, we also partner with a network of specialist directors and filmmakers to create content that is exactly right for each brand.

Digital Marketing

The prevalence of digital marketing is growing at lightening speed and is rapidly becoming a more important part of the big picture for most brands. The landscape is constantly evolving, which is why our team of digital specialists keeps such close watch on the changes and trends in digital, including website design, social media management, Google Ads, SEO, SEM, content marketing, influencer marketing, PPC, CRO, e-commerce, email marketing and newsletters and online marketing audits and analysis. If it's happening in the world of digital marketing then we've got someone who knows all about it. In 2018 Pipar\TBWA merged with The Engine, a veteran industry leader in digital marketing with a sizable portfolio of international clients.

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Press & PR

Introducing a product, company or event and managing their reputation strategically is a critical job and one often overlooked in marketing efforts. Creating excitement and securing media coverage requires organisation, networking and experience, as does expressing a clear, concise message in the media as well as finding the right outlets across print, web and social media. We know the ins and outs of the media and possess substantial experience in expressing the right message through the right channels at the right time.